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This is the forum home of the International Star Riders Association (I.S.R.A.) which has over 33,370 members worldwide and growing fast!

Membership is free, and warmly accepted.

The I.S.R.A. is a unique association of individuals who share the common bonds of passion for riding. As members of the I.S.R.A., we strive to remain the best motorcycle association in the world by maintaining the freedom of the individual as a global member in the I.S.R.A., while accommodating and encouraging collective membership in local Constellations, which serve the common interests of their members. We, as I.S.R.A. members, are representatives of the I.S.R.A. and as such strive to project an attitude of respect and courtesy for others, and for our brothers and sisters who ride. Our goal is to provide an exemplary riding experience and a unique style of camaraderie as a family of brothers and sisters, who share common interests in the adventure that is motorcycling. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you would like to see anything more added, want to make a comment, or volunteer to help in it's maintenance, please visit the About section and send us a note. We look forward to joining you on a ride, and wish you a safe journey.

Regards, I.S.R.A. Council

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Disclaimer : The use of the word "Star" is meant only as a description of the brand of motorcycle we ride and should NOT be misinterpreted that we have any connection or are part of Yamaha Corporation and Star Motorcycles.